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SnowGo and Grape were both great cartoons..it's funny that you say "I think a new generation of artists should emerge..." when its actually YOU the 18yr old aspiring animator that ARE the new generation hahaha. So keep up that work and never stop doing your own original thing man..don't be a follower be the one leading this animation wagon.

What's worked on next


I feel bad that Grape didn't break 10k views while on front page. I was just checking your YouTube to compare with NG performance and I didn't see Grape on there - is it just on NG at the moment? For your other movies that are on NG and YouTube, it looks like the NG ones have more views than the YouTube ones, so that's a positive for NG. Have you considered putting your other stuff here too?

I think the really big problem with NG is that a lot of artists are still lurking in the shadows and wishing good things for it, but there aren't as many vocal big artists as there were back in the day. They've chosen different platforms to be vocal on, like Twitter, Facebook, or their YouTube page... Or they just focus on their work and don't socialize as much as they once did. The incoming generation sees YouTube as the place to get big, so they don't put the effort into becoming part of the NG community the way previous generations did. The way people use the internet has changed a lot in the past five years, not to mention the whole mobile thing we still are working to address.

I like to think that if we solve ad revenue and mobile, more artists will start putting effort into their NG presence again. For less known artists we still seem to drive more views than any other website. In the case of both unknown artists and avant-garde stuff, there are a ton of examples from this past year where NG outperformed YouTube and Vimeo.

The question is whether we can get the whole community vibe kicking again. I know part of that is my fault because I've sunk into the shadows myself; still here on the site every day but not organizing as many community activities because I feel like everyone is just trying to do their own thing nowadays and I've gotten discouraged. I also haven't been posting about my own development in ages because I'm working on something that hasn't been ready to announce yet, although that is hopefully coming soon.

We have some social stuff coming that will hopefully reinforce more community bonds on NG this year, so we'll see how that goes!

Most of my stuff that isn't on NG are the animated podcasts, which I don't really think fits here that well, so I just put them on Youtube. And yes, Grape is only on NG currently and I'm still deciding whether to put it up on Youtube or not.
Also, nice to know that you guys have plans for going mobile. Looking forward to this year, Tom!