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Posted by BryanV - November 2nd, 2018

So I just released my cartoon... BIG THANKS to Newgrounds for featuring it on the front page! 😘

I can't believe this has been in production since 2015 (or 2016 at least for the animation part). I could've finished it sooner if it weren't for college, but I'm still surprised that I managed to finish it in the middle of a pretty busy semester. But to be fair, the cartoon was already so close to being complete. But it's also hard to be working on everything by yourself...

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though there are stuff that I wished I could have changed like some of the dialogue and some scenes I would've animated differently but it doesn't really matter. Still I'm very satisfied with how it looks. Anairis and Patrick also did a fantastic job voicing the characters.

I've already been working on the next episode's script and storyboard since last year, I'll definitely try to improve in terms of dialogue, action, angles, music and all that stuff.


Posted by BryanV - March 14th, 2016

Posted by BryanV - August 20th, 2015

Oh hey I finished making my cartoon which you can watch here. Or down there:

It took a lot quicker to finish than the previous one because I really didn't encounter any problems making it even though it's 10 minutes long. I really don't have anything else to say so stay tuned for the final insallment of this little series. I'm still working on part 3 which is the last one which hopefully will be done later this year.

Oh and I only noticed until a few months later, but JOY won first place in the monthly voting thing for the month of January, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted.


Posted by BryanV - January 24th, 2015

I made a new toon. It's kinda long but not really that long you can click on this link to watch it here on NG. I haven't put it up on Youtube yet though.


So here's something about this cartoon, I started working on it on I think March or April 2014 so this took almost a span of one year to make which is why I literally didn't make anything at all last year. I had a lot of setbacks; I was kind of in a bad point in my life and I was really too busy from school to work on this for a couple of months so it got even more delayed. I also tried actually putting effort into making the backgrounds, so I used Photoshop and SAI to further edit my backgrounds this time. The animation was still tweened, but I put in a lot of frame by frame stuff in this thing and I had to animate a lot of stuff that I never even done before.

Alright, I'm gonna be a hipster faggot and review my own cartoon. This cartoon was supposed to be longer but I had to cut out a lot of parts and even then I still think the pacing is a bit odd in this one. Also, storywise, I kinda did what I had in mind and it kinda captures the essence of what I orignally planned this to be, but I think it's still not the same as how I envisioned it, but regardless I think this one's alright.

Since I've always used pure tweened animation, making this one was kinda challenging. I also have never animated an animal before ( I think? )  so that was kinda hard. I still have a lot to learn about frame by frame, but I'll get there eventually.

One of the things that I've had trouble multiple times when I make a cartoon is sound effects. I literally just used to just drag and drop shit onto the timeline and then I'm done. This time around I tried to create and look for higher quality sounds, more variations of sounds, edit the sounds to make them fit better and even record my own sounds. I think I did kinda well this time, but I noticed a lot of the sounds I used sounded kinda similar and they kinda sound repetitie at times, so I probably should work on that. I also tried to make the music for this myself but turns out I couldn't do it, so I just used royalty free music closest to the one I wanted, but it still kinda sounded weird and it kinda doesn't fit quite right. I did the stupid glockenspiel parts though. That music during the dog chase scene though, if I find better music for that, I'll probably change it because it just doesn't fit quite well... or not.

Here's a funny thing, trying to upload this was hell. Since the flash version of this is 30 MBs so I couldnt upload it as a flash movie, I had to upload a video file. So here's why I like uploading a .swf file; If there are any errors, I could easily edit it in flash and since the file size isn't that big, it's easy to upload. So because I'm a fucking idiot, I converted it to a video file before looking for errors and turns out there were errors and so I had to convert it again which takes about 20 minutes or something. So this file is around 177 MB, and since my internet is crap and Newgrounds STILL doesn't have a progress bar, I couldn't tell if the upload died or it just wasn't done. So after it uploaded after 1 hour, I watched the cartoon and turns out there was a BIG error at a point and I don't know how I didn't see it before, so I had to do it all again and holy shit. I'm pretty sure there's still a mistake in this one, but I'm too lazy to correct it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.


Posted by BryanV - July 14th, 2014

It's been a while since I made a post here..so..

It's been pretty much half a year and I still haven't made any movies mostly because I worked on something once and I kinda scrapped the whole idea and I kinda did some animation work for Sarkazm here on Newgrounds but I had to put that to a stop because I became quite busy due to a lot of college stuff. I am working on something though but I've been having difficulty in making it and ran into a lot of problems, not only technical stuff though also personal problems so I literally have no absolute idea when I'm gonna finish this. I'm not sure If you're gonna like it because I'm not even sure if I like it myself.

okay I don't have anything else to say I just wanted to post something here ok bye.



Posted by BryanV - January 18th, 2014


Posted by BryanV - January 7th, 2014

In case you missed em, I made 2 animations last December. Go watch them. Or not.

> Snow Go

> Grape


I've been using Flash for about 4 years now (oh god) and I can, without a doubt, say that I have improved over the years as an animator and as an artist. It was only about a year and a half ago that I got my first tablet and I wish I could have bought one sooner. But I can definitely say that "I do not hate my drawings" anymore.

2013 was a good year for me because I've managed to more than double the animations I make (including the ones not on Newgrounds). I've met new people and made new friends.  I got more subscribers on Youtube and more followers on every other social media site and so much more. I also have gotten more awards here on NG; I got my first Weekly Awards and first Daily Features in 2013 and I am quite proud of myself for managing to get those awards I guess.

(This is gonna sound very pretentious) 2013 for NG for me was kind of a quiet year. I mean not much really happened. I've been using NG for roughly 6 years ( almost 3 years on this account and 3 years on another one which I've long forgotten the username and password for ). I mean yeah, a LOT of people still come here but in comparison to what I've experienced over the past years, it almost feels like visiting a ghost town or something. I don't really know, that's just how I feel. 

I've heard people complain about how NG is progressively becoming "worse", which I think is completely false. I still think this site's content is pretty much the same with how it used to be, if not better. The internet evolves so quickly. What before was considered good might be mediocre compared to what we have today. Artists also "evolve" quickly and can kind of "adapt" easily. As stuff gets easier and easier to make and computer softwares get more powerful, the production quality of content on the internet began getting higher and higher. And from that, new legends are born. These people become sort of "celebrities" almost here on NG. They make these popular stuff and it kind of hides all the bad stuff out here and it kind of gives the impression that "oh, this is the kind of stuff I can watch on NG" or "man, this guy makes really good stuff, I'm gonna try to be like him", but as soon as they leave, there will be nothing to shadow the not-so-good stuff here. But I'm not saying that most of the content here is bad, I see good stuff here most often (well, not the "under judgement" section). I'm saying that there's nothing to look forward to anymore; There's no one to look up to now on NG. I think there still are fairly popular people here on NG like Harry Partridge and Yotam Perel and guys like them who are still kind of active, but I think a new generation of artists should emerge. Anyway, that was sort of a rant and it was just my opinion and how I feel about all this... So.. yeah, I would like to see NG have a big comeback this year. NG has been a big part of my life as an artist and perhaps to many other people as well; I don't want to see it just die out.

Okay, back to me; I want to make more stuff this year hopefully more than what I made last year. I also have had so much "identity crisis" on my art style but I think I've settled now. I also do the occassional comic-book style so I'll be making stuff like those too. This year I pretty much want to do voice acting. The problem is I haven't a decent microphone and I have this kind of speech impediment where I just screw up what I say, so hopefully I can get that fixed. I really want to voice act because none of the stuff that I made EVER had voices in it ( except some animated podcasts that I made ). And it's a lot harder without voices for me because then I have to give emphasis to the sound effects to make up for the lacking dialogue. I would also like to try out making funny stuff WITH dialogues I think that's my next logical step to this whole animation career thing. I mean I'm only 18, and I've been making actual cartoons for only 2 years so far. I have a pretty long way to go.


TLDR: I like my drawings.

2013 was good and bad but mostly good.

I'll make more stuff this year.

and yo mama is so fat... nevermind.

So yeah, just thought I'd spill that out.I don't care if you don't care, shut up. I think I've made a whole lot of typos but whatever. So Happy New Year and bla bla bla here's a drawing I made with a mouse:



I really like this new text editor.

Posted by BryanV - December 18th, 2013

snow is dumb that's why we don't have it jk snow isn't dumb

speaking of which, I've made a very short cartoon about it. Go watch it HERE

Or here:

Can't believe I made this in 3 days.

Posted by BryanV - June 23rd, 2013

...watch it, you must. It's a pretty quick, dumb one.

click here to watch it!!

Posted by BryanV - May 27th, 2013

Watch it here
Also here's a bad drawing of a happy cactus.

And yet another toon