Entry #15

ok here goes nothing

2016-03-14 01:33:07 by BryanV



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2016-03-14 04:15:29

You posted it after midnight Pico time right? Should finish first, hopefully anyone else who did something profound, will wait another day to upload.. I gave it my once daily 5/5, nicely rounds up the trio/story.

(Updated ) BryanV responds:

thanks! Actually it was around 1:30 PM in my country when I published it so didn't know what time it was in PA but I made sure it was already March 14 when I publish it.


2016-03-15 10:39:12

Cool did you use after effects? Also really nice backgrounds!

BryanV responds:

Yes I did! First time I had to use After Effects on a cartoon too.


2016-03-17 16:30:24

Ah, so you're on the other side of the pond, damn and here I thought you were more of a Yankee than I am lol. Not bad for a first slog at AE, looked very clean (no artifacts, uncropped effects), and congrats on a landslide victory!