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I thought it was amaZING :) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD EFFORT AND WORK! Don't stop, believing!

The submission I saw ran clean at 720, glad you stuck out the upload and it finally went through okay.
Lemme be the first to congrats you on winning the Daily 1st :) You should include a link under 'author comments', to this post, since you expound on the work so eloquently here (and most ppl don't like huge, rolling comments, myself, I don't mind, so long as there isn't too many YouTube links...)

Thanks! You're right, I might link this in the author comments.

word of advice on uploading - Google Chrome will show in the corner for upload percentage
and if uploading a video file, it's a good idea to put it privately on YouTube first and download the mp4 since they have a fairly good encoder in that regard and they have faster upload servers

Right, that's the thing, the upload percentage just vanished after 30% or something that's why I assumed the upload failed. Also I was kinda scared to upload to Youtube at first since I was unsure if there were any audio or visual errors. Guess it's safe to upload it there now.

better still, try and get adobe media encoder since that does a fast job. I haven't had to use it much but I used it to reduce the size of a TV show to go on my phone and it practically took the amount of time to watch the episode.

I actually used to do that, but I can see the difference in quality comparing it to a raw export from Swivel and I dunno I guess I'm kinda OCD about video quality now.

Just took a look. While the story and animation were very basic, it was really sweet and got across the overall message and feeling. I liked it; excellent job. Would love to see what you do next!

Thanks, Chris!

dude, i loved it. absolutely wonderful cartoon. it's interesting to hear you discuss your process, it doesn't make you a 'hipster faggot' at all!

Awesome work man. This feels like a year-long project. Nothing but respect.

You know this animation is like a breath of fresh while being Totally Cartoon inspired which makes it feel like I'm a child again. 10/10 better than the shit they put out on Cartoon network nowadays. Cheers from Denmark/ Nicki :)