2013-04-22 02:32:45 by BryanV

Go watch it HERE
or not.

Edit: Nevermind the thumbnail is showing now.


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2013-04-22 09:51:33

Actually, nothing under judgement has thumbnails. The internet is conspiring against you, run!

(Updated ) BryanV responds:

*runs away*


2013-04-22 10:09:02

Well, there is no icon since icons for flashes have been bugged since weeks. Portals mods can add icons to flashes though which I did now, by using the thumbnail you had for it on Youtube, minus the purple name banner. Feel free to send me the one you had in mind via pm if you don't like this icon ^^
Apart from that, thank you for submitting this awesome flash :)

(Updated ) BryanV responds:

Thanks! The icon appeared now. It's either a bug, or they intentionally wait for the submission to hit a certain amount of view before the thumbnail appears or idk(?)


2013-04-22 18:22:24

You and your buddy did a bang up job! Thanks for the effect warning and YT link, and a bigger thank you for putting the Newgrounds logo right at the start!!
Don't let the reviewers get under your skin about it being too long. They probably don't do to well in the sack either ;)

BryanV responds:

Haha, thanks dude. I updated the movie to let it play the video file. Now it plays smoothly, but still contains the error which is the reason why I didn't upload the video file in the first place. Or idk, maybe there's somthing in the flash that makes it do that when converted idk i don't really want to check.